Fruit Ninja Blitz

An Awesome Blitz, one of the six Blitzes that you can get

A Blitz is a combo bonus, found in Arcade Mode and Fruit Ninja Frenzy. Getting a certain amount of fruits sliced in combos gets you a certain blitz rank, and these will be lost if you slice a purple bomb or if no combos are created for a time. Each score bonus is equal to its level multiplied by five. Blitzes are at their easiest to get when slicing a frenzy and a frozen banana, because you can look for big lines of fruit and shred them to "blitz" faster.

Blitz Levels

There are six accessible levels:

Level Point Description
Combo Blitz 5 Slice 9 fruits in combos quickly at start
Great Blitz 10 Slice 8 fruits in combos quickly after Combo Blitz (17 fruits overall)
Awesome Blitz 15 Slice 8 fruits in combos quickly after Great Blitz (25 fruits overall)
Super Blitz 20 Slice 8 fruits in combos quickly after Awesome Blitz (33 fruits overall)
Hyper Blitz 25 Slice 8 fruits in combos quickly after Super Blitz (41 overall)
Unbelievable Blitz 30 Slice 8 fruits in combos quickly after Hyper Blitz (49 overall)

Once you get Unbelievable Blitz, keep slicing more fruits in combos quickly to earn additional 30 points.


Fruit Ninja Frenzy has two Smoothies to boost your blitzes. The Blitz Boost adds five more points to each blitz, and the Insta-Blitz makes your blitz level go up whenever you slice a Bonus Banana.


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