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Bombs are items put in Fruit Ninja and Fruit Ninja Frenzy to fool the player. These appear in all modes except Zen Mode, in three types: Red, Purple and Lucky Blast.

Red Bombs

These are the bombs in Classic Mode. If you slice one, the game ends, even if you still have more than one life left. One always appears immediately after six Fruit appear on screen.

-10 Bomb

Purple Bombs

These bombs appear in Arcade Mode and Fruit Ninja Frenzy, and are not quite as bad as red bombs. They deduct ten points, destroy all fruit on the screen including bananas (without giving points) and cancel out a Blitz or Bonus Banana.

Lucky bomb

Lucky Blast Bomb

Lucky Blast Bombs

These bombs appear in Fruit Ninja Frenzy and are thrown when the Lucky Blast smoothie is activated, which is activated on the first three bombs to appear. These bombs have a four leaf clover in the centre and a yellow aura on the outside. Attempting to cut this bomb gives a random bonus. These bombs have no negative effects.

Bomb trailer

Red bombs as seen in the Fruit Ninja trailer

In Fruit Ninja and Fruit Ninja Kinect, you can buy Bomb Deflects from Gutsu's Cart using Starfruit Currency.

In Fruit Ninja Frenzy, Smoothies can help with bombs. The Spirit Bombs Smoothie stops you from getting any bombs, and the Lucky Blast Smoothie makes the first bomb in game into a Lucky Blast Bomb.

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