Here is a list of bonuses.

List of known bonuses How to get bonus Points worth

Tasty Fruit

If you do not get any lower 5
Fruit Mix If you do not get any lower


Fruit Salad If you do not get any lower 5
Juicy Slicing If you do not get any lower 5
Delicious Fruit If you do not get any lower 5
3 Fruit Combo Get a 3 fruit combo 5
4 Fruit Combo Get a 4 fruit combo 5
All Three Bananas Get all 3 bananas 10
5 Fruit Combo Get a 5 fruit combo 10
Multiple of Five Get a multiple of 5 to your score 10
No Bombs Hit Don't hit any bombs 10
Combo Rookie Get a few combos 10
Combo Apprentice Get some combos 15
Multiple of Ten Get a multiple of 10 to your score 20
Great 6 Fruit Combo Get a 6 fruit combo 20
First & Last Fruit Slice only 1 fruit or slice the same fruit as the very first fruit in the beginning and the very last fruit in the end 25
Combo Assassin Get a good amount of combos 25
Mega 7 Fruit Combo Get a 7 fruit combo 30
Nothing But Freeze Only get freeze bananas 30
Nothing But Double Only get 2x bananas 30
Nothing But Frenzy Only get frenzy bananas 30
Combo Master Get a bunch of combos 35
Right on a Hundred Get a multiple of 100 for your score 40
Glorious 8 Fruit Combo Get an 8 fruit combo 40
No Fruits Dropped Don't miss any fruits 50
No Bananas Sliced Don't hit any bonus bananas 50
Impossible 9 Fruit Combo Get a 9 fruit combo 50
Combo God Get a lot of combos 50
Bomb Lover Hit at least three bombs 50
Triple Digits Get a multiple of 111 for your score 50
10 Fruit Combo?!?! Get a 10 fruit combo 55
11 Fruit Combo?!?! Get an 11 fruit combo 55
... ... ...
32 Fruit Combo??!? Slice 32 Fruits in 1 swipe 55
It's So Beautiful Use Rainbow Blade 75