Bonus points are points acquired at the end of the game for specific achievements in the match in Arcade Mode or Fruit Ninja Frenzy. Only three achievements at a time can be acquired after each match.

Points achievements
Type Name Point Description
Combos 4 fruit combo 5 Get a 4 fruit combo
5 fruit combo 10 Get a 5 fruit combo
Great 6 fruit combo 20 Get a 6 fruit combo
Mega 7 fruit combo 30 Get a 7 fruit combo
Glorious 8 fruit combo 40 Get an 8 fruit combo
Impossible 9 fruit combo 50 Get a 9 fruit combo
10+ fruit combo?! 55 Get a 10 or more fruit combo
Combo Rookie 10 Get a few combos
Combo Apprentice! 15 Get some combos
Combo Assassin!! 25 Get a good amount of combos
Combo Master!!! 35 Get a lot of combos
Combo God!!!! 50 Get a really large amount of combos
Bombs No bombs hit! 10 Don't hit any bombs - 10 points
Bomb lover 50 Hit at least 3 bombs - 50 points
Fruits First and last fruit 25 Slice the same fruit for your last fruit as your first fruit
No bananas sliced! 50 Slice no bananas
All 3 Bananas 10 Slice all three types of bananas
Nothin' but Frenzy 30 Slice only Frenzy bananas out of the three types
Nothin' but Freeze 30 Slice only Freeze bananas out of the three types
Nothin' but Double 30 Slice only Double bananas out of the three types
No fruit dropped 50 Do not let one fruit drop (Can hit bomb to make them vanish, does not count as a drop)
Nothin' but Berry 100 Slice only strawberries in a game
Multiples Multiple of 5 10 Get a score divisible by 5 before bonus points
Multiple of 10 20 Get a score divisible by 10 before bonus points
Right on a hundred 40 Get a score divisible by 100 before bonus points
Misc. Tasty fruit 5
Fruit Mix 5
Fruit Salad 5
Juicy slicing 5
Delicious fruit 5
Triple digits 50 Get a 3-digit number with the same numerals. (e.g. 333)
It's so beautiful 75 Automatically given when the Rainbow Blade is equipped.