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Fruit Ninja Puss in Boots

Fruit Ninja is an action game from Halfbrick Studios, designed for iOS Devices, costing only $0.99 on the iOS App Store. In this game, the objective is to slash through as much Fruit as possible, while avoiding Bombs.



  • Ben Vale
  • Sean Druitt
  • Daniel Fisher
  • Ryan Langley
  • Scott West
  • Matthew Knights
  • Motze Asher
  • Murry Lancashire
  • Shath
  • Cedar Jones
  • Dean Loades
  • Aidan Millott
  • Josh Sanderson
  • Matt Ross
  • Michael Szewczyk
  • Peter McNeill
  • Jason Maundrell
  • Brent Hobson
  • Phil Larsen
  • Justin Bown
  • Shainel Deo

Voice Actor

  • André Sogliuzzo


  • Martin Good
  • Alison Quirion
  • Lisa Perry
  • Josh Austin
  • Adam Rodgers
  • Kerry Forsyth
  • Mary Beth Haggerty
  • Peter Armstrong
  • Nate Dykstra
  • Anthony Vasquez


Desperado Bandito Stash
Desperado Bandito Stash


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