THIS MODE IS REMOVED BY THE UPDATE OF FRUIT NINJA! The sensei is restored the powers and dojos to the stash.

The Challenge mode is now removed!

This feature is still enjoyable in Fruit Ninja Free.

You need to update the fruit ninja app with news! You need a next version to get a new mode: Challenge! Challenge are needed online to play! Win 5 days in a row to unlock exclusive blades & dojos! Win day 1-4 and slice a mystery box to earn Starfruit or Golden apples, Win a final day and slice mystery box to unlock exclusive blades & dojos! To play a daily challenge, Cost 10 golden apples to play! Defeat the opponent to win and give mystery boxes in daily prizes! Choose and slice Mystery box to earn prizes! If day don't complete to timer ends (00:00:00)! You must start again to day 1 from challenge in festival mode!

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