A Combo is a bonus scoring for when you slice 3 fruit or more in one swipe. Each combo is worth double the amount the fruit normally is.

How to get large combos

Getting large combos requires the right tools.

Method 1

You need Freeze, Frenzy, and the Golden Ember Blade.

Step 1: Use Golden Ember Blade

This blade doubles your combos, so you should use it for optimal combos.

Step 2: Slice as much fruit as you can

Once you slice a freeze and frenzy banana, slice as much fruit as you can -- the more fruit, the better.

Method 2

You also need the Golden Ember Blade.

Step 1: Use Golden Ember Blade

There is a glitch that causes you to get combos with this blade. Take this to your advantage.

Step 2: Slice fruit around the pomegranate

Slice them repeatedly. Sometimes this step requires luck, but if you have a great wave around the pomegranate, you can easily get huge combos.


  • In Tournament mode, combo values are tripled.
  • You can get a 2 fruit combo in Juggle mode or with the Bonded Roses blade.

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