Do you like the game so far? Do you know that this game has less, limited-time features than the premium version? You still never have seen before!

Let's take a tour of the premium version!

The premium version can play more than you just played on the free version that have less!

Now that's you've enjoyed the free version. The premium version has to offer you...

✔️Play with your friends!

✔️New blades and dojos!

✔️New ranks!

✔️Level up to 100!

✔️More event dojos!

✔️Get the Golden Ember Blade with a 33.33% discount or by reaching lvl 100!

✔️Acquire Game Center achievements!

✔️Acquire powerups instead of starfruit and golden apples by completing missions

✔️Discover 50 awesome powers (plus an exclusive one!)

✔️And thus... save the world!

That just for starters... There's much more! The premium version also comes jam-packed with extra features that you will never find for the free version!

✔️Save code

✔️Unlimited gameplay

✔️Expanded gameplay

✔️Guides to complete missions

✔️Hints and tricks

Slicing action can be a lonely business... That's why the premium version is stuffed to the brim with wonderful community features!

✔️World wide high score tables (in Game Center)

✔️Country leaderboard

✔️Cooperative 2 player games! (Included free version)

✔️Career points overall in Game Center!

Once you ordered premium version and become a registered Halfbrick, you also get access to the exclusive set of Halfbrick premium benefits:

✔️Your registration never expires!

✔️Premium version upgrades and features!

✔️Free Special editions of the game!

✔️Language packs!

✔️Unlimited support!

You've done a great job so far, but the best is yet to come!

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