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Welcome to the unofficial Fruit Ninja Wiki! It may be incomplete, but we are trying our best to finish it.

All rights are reserved to Halfbrick Studios and its rightful owners.

Sensei & Truffles


(Admins) Here is a list of the current active sensei on this site. If you need help, message them.



htm14 (Inactive)



(Chat Moderators) Here is a list of the current active Truffles on this site. If you want to enter chat, make sure Truffles is there first.

NonsenseFantasy, This user also holds admin status! (Mostly Inactive)


By editing and working on this wiki, you agree to the policies that are set down by the wiki staff. Please click on more info for the policy list.

Join the Slicing Action!


Sensei Needed: To any of you that want to help out, please send a message to one of our Sensei (listed below) and they might make you a Sensei! Make sure you are an active sensei, otherwise the site Beaurocrats will disban you. The available positions go as follows:

  • 5 4 Sensei
  • 3 2 Truffle

To be made a sensei or truffles, please notify Brodensson, Izuru57 or htm14. Fruit Ninja Wiki would like to thank any contributors to the wiki!

Weekly Goals

Hi, Everybody! The new goal for the week is:

  • Gear up for new update 1.8.4

Lets all get a move on to get this wiki updated!

- Fruit Ninja Wiki Administrative Team

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