Halloween Tournament is a feature in Fruit Ninja Halloween 2016 edition. Spend gold apples to compete in the tournament. Slice fruits, banana powers, avoid bombs, slice crates if trick or treat. Collect candies. Use Rinjin to collect candies easier to help unlock the bat blade. Watch out for Rinjin's bombs when Rinjin says treat, Bat blade appapers carved watermelons, like used carved watermelons in tournament you need tricks. Now you cost is sale like 50% off if, 10 to 5, 20 to 10, 30 to 15, 40 to 20, 50 to 25. And, Truffles candy house is changed in cabin (Thanksgiving).

Spend candies to buy special blades and dojos after using. In that Thanksgiving edition get for free gold apples to compete the halloween tournament mode.